Naming your pieces of sheet materials

Sometimes it can make it easier in a project to name your pieces of material. We don't label components as it is too labour intensive.

Making a box

If you tell us you are making a box from sheet material we can do our best to make sure the components are all level with each other. Please name the components 'Side(Adjust to suit box) and 'Base(Adjust to suit box) so we know you are making a box. This is a chargeable extra service of £5. Its not essential you have this service if you are making a box but if you want to make sure the components are all compatible to a larger degree then this service is what you need.

The problem with stating sizes to make a box is that the thicknesses you choose from are nominal thicknesses and often finish 0.5mm different,e.g.,the actual thickness of 18mm ply could finish at 17.5mm. This can cause the sides of a box to be not flush with each other if you are presuming the nominal thicknesses to be the exact size, e.g., if you are making the box below from 18mm(nominal) ply 'Side B' needs to be 1200mm by (600 - 2 x actual thickness)mm and not (600 - 2 x 18)= 564mm. If you state in the component name 'Side(Adjust to suit box)' we will know that 564mm is a nominal size and that we need alter this size to account for the discrepancy in thickness. The same applies to 'Side A' which you would give sizes of 564 x 964mm and a name of 'Side(Adjust to suit box)'. We would then alter the sizes to suit your box. Below is a cutting list that you would have to enter for a box of size 1000(width)x600(height)x1200(length)mm.