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Standard spec: Total rise:875mm; Option 'A' ; Width:959mm; 4 treads; 5 Risers: 5 x 175mm. Option A: last tread finishes below. Option B: last tread finishes flush.

Number of treads: Total rise: Total width: Timber width: Timber thickness: 

Tread finishes at top (Option B): Timber price/m: 

Top tread finishes below floor level. Option 'A'.

Rise : 5 x 140mm

Angle : 35.4°

Hypotenuse : 241.68mm

Length Of String : 1208mm x 2

Tread Length : 891mm x 4

'Z' based on 5mm tread projection and 4.14mm radius allowance : 92.02mm

Timber price : £32.29

Labour price : £48.00

Total price : £80.29

Weight :24kg. base on 8x2st and 550kg/m

8x2st = £4.50; 8x2 bench = £7.60; 8x2 bench = £8.47;

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