Firrings Price Calculator

We cut our firrings from timbers to your bespoke sizes. Their purpose is to form a slope or taper on flat roofs to make sure the rain water runs off. They are fastened(using nails) to the top of existing joists and then sheeted over. Our firrings are 44mm thick, approximately. See the diagram below which illustrates the general shape of a firring. same diff errorsame diff error

As a guide for deciding on firring height a minimum of 1 in 80 fall is usually required, e.g., a firring of height 60mm will have to be less than 4400mm(60mm - 5mm x 80) in length to achieve this gradient. Please choose from our standard heights or enter your own height from the height menu below.WARNING: If you select the semi-treated timber option the treatment will be cut away from the tapered edge and maybe from the bottom edge as well. Enter your required length and quantity and press enter.

Timber treatment:  

Firring height:  



Quantity Length Price
A fall of 86mm to 5mm(approximate sizes) over a length of 3000mm.
(A maximum length of 6480mm is recommended for this fall.)
cut from 1 pieces 3000mm of 4"x2" nominal(Not-treated).
Firrings are 44mm thick approximately.
2 pieces
3000mm £18.53

If you want to place an order please copy and paste the Pricing Table, above, into an email and send it to us at where we will organise payment. If you require a price for delivery please include your address. We can usually deliver the next working day if you have placed the order before 9am. Alternatively you can come into store to pay and wait for us to cut them. It usually takes up to 30mins depending on how busy we are but please ring to make sure. We do an off the shelf firring that may work out cheaper. Please search our website using the term "firring" to find this item.